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Welcome to Miramar Florida Locksmith

Offering Top Security Services and Emergency Assistance since 1998

We at Miramar Florida Locksmith have been offering top notch services locally for well over a decade and a half. Our business works 24/7 to cover any emergencies, be they lock-outs or burglary aftermaths. We even work on holidays and in bad weather conditions, to ensure that nobody stays without help, no matter the circumstances.
In case of emergency, a team of our best experts will be with you as soon as possible to fix your locks or give you access to your property when needed. You’ll easily recognize our guys and gals from their uniform and the Miramar Florida Locksmith logo on their vehicle.

Improving Home and Business Security

With burglaries on a sharp rise it comes down to companies like ours to help people protect their legal property.
We only use and install top notch locks and security systems that have been proven to work perfectly and protect from intrusion.
It is best to replace locks or re-key old locks if you have given the keys to tenants that are now gone, or many people in general. If there is any worry that your keys might have been illegally copied, you should call us at

(786) 232-3144

and we’ll re-key your old locks or install a new set, according to what you prefer.


Offering Cheap Alternatives

Installing new locks in a whole home or business can be very expensive. This is why we offer to re-key your old, functioning locks, which only needs a fraction of the price new locks would cost.
If your safe is broken you don’t necessarily have to buy a new one. At a much cheaper price than what a safe costs, we will repair almost every type of model to perfect working condition.
Need a new car key? We laser cut car keys with precision, cheaper than what is costs to get keys from the car dealership. We even work with transponder keys.

Always Ready to Serve

Miramar Florida Locksmith works tirelessly 24/7 all year round to offer:
• Emergency Assistance
• FREE counseling
• Amazing Satisfaction Guarantees
Just give us a call at

(786) 232-3144

and we’ll be right there to assist you!

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